NOREMPO is an interdisciplinary network that gathers Nordic scholars sharing special expertise in media studies, sociology of religion, the study of religion, political science, and computational social science. The objective is to produce new comparative knowledge on how Protestant Christianity and populism are intertwined in the Nordic societies. The NOREMPO network will organise a series of interdisciplinary workshops that are structured around three different themes (methods, actors, and circulations) to explore where, how, and by whom Protestant Christianity becomes mobilised as a vehicle to assert populist discourses and identities, and how this process is shaped by digital media and related platforms and networks. The first workshop was organised in August 2021.

The NOREMPO organising team consists of Associate Professors Johanna Sumiala and Katja Valaskivi (University of Helsinki), Professor Mia Lövheim (Uppsala University) Senior Researcher Mona Abdel-Fadil (The Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies, Center for Research on Extremism, C-REX), and Associate Professor Henrik Reintoft-Christensen (Aarhus University).

Upcoming events

  • 2nd Workshop 
  • 3rd Workshop
  • 4th Workshop