Board Member Job Description

Executive Committee

President: Responsible for serving as liaison with host committee chairperson, venue planner, member/liaison and nominating committee. Liaison with lawyer, Treasurer, and Center staff. Offers Presidential Address in final year of service as President; serves on Board as Ex-President in term following. As past President: serves as nominations chair.

Vice President: Responsible for communication to Board members regarding Board-wide decisions. Liaison with Secretary, Co-Program planners, Web coordinator, and Center staff who work on web issues. Oversees final planning of program in final year of service as Vice President; becomes President following that meeting.

Treasurer: Selects, evaluates and liaises with accountant. Reviews financial reports and prepares them for presentation to the Board at each Conference-based meeting. Assists in registration process.

Secretary: Oversees list of past attendees and works with Co-Membership Liaisons to compile lists of suggested constituents and organizations for promotional purposes. Assists Co-Membership Liaisons in promoting event in relevant newsletters. Takes notes at Conference-based meeting and ensures that they are posted on the Conference website. Beginning in Fall 2012: Gathers news of members and prepares electronic newsletter for website, circulating info of the newsletter’s availability in late October each year (note: this should include the CFP for the upcoming conference and in off years, news of the selected venue for the following year).