Rethinking Media, Religion and Secularities

The globalization of our lifeworld has brought attention to how we think about religion and non-religious contexts. The existence of secularity in contemporary society and culture is contested in many fields in which scholars of media, religion and culture studies engage. The 2020 ISMRC conference theme “Rethinking Media, Religion and Secularities”, seeks to interrogate these debates and the role media plays in communicating and mediating secularity in contemporary society.  The conference, which represents the biennial meeting of the International Society for Media, Religion and Culture, will explore these issues from a range of disciplinary perspectives. International participants from such disciplines as media studies, journalism, religious studies, anthropology and sociology of religion, as well as history, literature and public policy are welcome.

Call for Papers: Rethinking Media, Religion and Secularities

Keynote speakers include:

Professor Linda Woodhead, Lancaster University

Professor Marwan Kraidy, University of Pennsylvania

Associate Professor Titus Hjelm, University of Helsinki

For further information about the theme and submission of papers and panels see the call for papers. The conference page will be updated with further information in August. For questions concerning the conference please use the contact form available under ”Contact Us”


The conference will be held at the Sigtuna Foundation, Sigtuna, Sweden. Sigtuna is a small town situated between Stockholm and Uppsala, located only 17 minutes from the Stockholm Arlanda International Airport, and about 45 km from Stockholm City Centre. Sigtuna is a town with a long history, established around 980 A.D., as has the Sigtuna Foundation that was inaugurated in 1917. The Sigtuna Foundation has a centenarian history of hosting meetings in the borderland between science and scholarship, culture, society, politics and faith-based communities, as well as organizing a spectrum of international conferences in collaboration with universities and other organizations from many parts of the world.

For practical questions concerning the venue, please contact:


Registration will open in February 2020.